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Renault plans India dealership spike

Renault India said it will expand its dealerships across India to 320 by the end of this year, from 270 now.

The company will also add 50 outlets for its pre-owned (used-cars business) cars outlets — Renault Selection — from 20, Sumit Sawhney, CEO and Managing Director of Renault India Operations, told reporters in India.

He said: “We are in full network expansion mode. We are getting full advantage — somewhere while we are growing — we are also catching the depth. For instance, in Delhi, we have 11 outlets and probably by end of next three months, we will have 15 and by end of the year, 18 (dealer outlets).

“After-sales is a key business and our dealers are happy because it gives additional revenue to them. This will have good advantage because the future products that we will be launching years ahead of time, our existing customers may look for selling back to our used car outlets.”

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