• Effective and efficient deployment of solar power could prove to be major catalyst for empowerment of those on the wrong side of socio-economic divide.
  • The global technology market is changing rapidly with the advent of the “fourth phase of growth” and Indian IT firms are acquiring firms globally, especially in the US, to ensure they not only remain competitive but also gain strategic advantage higher up the value chain.
  • It is hoped that a limited amnesty window offered in this year’s Budget for tax evaders to come clean may go some way in resolving the long-standing issue.
  • Vikas Wadhawan is Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at PropTiger.com and Makaan.com, which helps buyers navigate the complex Indian real estate market online.
  • As the dust settles in the wake of the Budget announcements, it would seem that the Indian finance minister's prudence will help the country balance its books.
  • India’s message on renewable energy has a strong solar power bias, which relies heavily on innovative solutions that work not only for the country but can eventually be replicated the world over.
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