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Koala cuddle

India’s distinct globalisation model based on cooperation, mutual respect, and collaboration is evident in its ties with Australia, writes India Inc. Founder & CEO Manoj Ladwa. 

India and Australia have now moved beyond the traditional three Cs that characterised the relationship in the past – cricket, curry and Commonwealth. Although these three remain important markers of bilateral ties between the two nations, the clinch has grown tighter and now includes in its remit a much wider range of issues – trade, tourism, education, geo-strategy, energy security and a lot more.

Currently, Indian investments in Australia are touching the $12-billion mark, with an increasing number of Indian companies looking at Australia as an investment destination – a sign, perhaps, of the emerging Asian century. Much like the bond of friendship and support symbolised by the proverbial cuddle, India has in its dealings practiced building mutually sympathetic relationships as opposed to the slow strangle practiced by some of its rivals in their outbound foreign direct investment (FDI) strategies.

It is against this backdrop that the cover theme of the next edition of ‘India Global Business’ seeks to capture this embracing quality of India’s foreign investment strategy based on values of cooperation, mutual respect and collaboration.

Despite the growing trade, strategic and people-to-people ties, serious challenges exist. India’s quest for resource and energy partnerships worldwide – primarily for raw materials such as coal and strategic minerals like uranium – means that the relationship with Australia will remain hostage to lobbies such as the ones opposing the Adani Group’s Carmichael coal-railroad-and-port project and those that are against the spread of nuclear energy. But there can be no doubt about India’s commitment to green growth economics, something Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spelt out at every relevant global forum.

The India-Australia bilateral relationship may teeter on the brink at times, as the potential failure of the Adani investment to materialise may portend. But I am confident that this relationship has now attained a level of depth, breadth and maturity.

Find a more in-depth analysis of the India-Australia relationship and what this “Koala cuddle” looks like in the October edition of ‘India Global Business’ to be released next week.

Manoj Ladwa is the founder of India Inc. and chief executive of MLS Chase Group @manojladwa

India Global Business October edition Out next week

The latest edition of ‘India Global Business’ tracks India’s quest for natural resources around the world and the various sucess stories. The Sector Focus this time is on the Banking & Finance industry and the Country Focus is on Australia. Sign up here


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