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India matters for America; America Matters for India

by Ridhika Batra

A new publication and web resource on India-US relations delves into a new era of multi-dimensional bilateral ties.

“The relationship between India and America has overcome the ‘hesitations of history’.” This was a statement made by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, at his joint address to the US Congress in 2016.

The “hesitation” refers to the phase where in a bipolar Cold War era India decided to adopt a foreign policy of non-alignment and India’s weak economy pre-1991 wasn’t helping the American cause either. Nevertheless, the relationship has now moved far away from that “hesitation” and in the last two decades has become reflective of what Undersecretary Nicholas Burns of the Bush administration had predicted: “Within a generation many Americans may view India as one of the most important strategic partners”.

Since 2014, PM Modi has met with two different American Presidents for a total of seven summits, including the most recent meeting on June 26 this year with the newly installed commander in chief President Donal J. Trump. Since the last two decades there has been a sense of mutual benefit in this partnership and it seems to continue under the Trump administration. The two leaders’ joint statement claims prosperity through partnership by combatting terrorist threats, promoting stability across the Indo-Pacific region, increasing free and fair trade, and strengthening energy linkages. What used to be a strategic dialogue until 2015, was rephrased as a strategic and commercial dialogue recognising the importance of strategic, economic and political connects.

This article was first published in August Edition of India Global Business. Click here to view full article.

Ridhika Batra is the Washington DC based Director of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) for the US. @batraridhika

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