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The war against robots

Automation in the global IT industry threatens to disrupt the sector in -India but it may be a blessing in heavy disguise. For the stagnant industry, robots may pave the way for the next round of growth.

On March 19, news reports suggested Cognizant, the New-Jersey headquartered software services firm may fire between 6,000-10,000 workers in its bid to reduce redundant and non-performing workers. As the news spread and doomsday predictions started ringing, the firm’s spokesperson sought to cool frayed nerves stating this was part of the company’s annual appraisal process when the bad apples are weeded out.

Yet, the number is surprisingly high. While it is true that IT companies that are big on hiring new employees also fire a few of them at the end of each year, the rate of layoffs at Cognizant was just 1 per cent two years ago. This year’s tally represents 2.3-4.1 per cent of its total workforce. A majority 72 per cent of its 260,200 employees are based in Chennai, so whatever Cognizant does, India bears bulk of the brunt. Login/Sign up to Read more

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