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India and Vietnam: Pushing back the dragon

The comprehensive strategic partnership between New Delhi and Hanoi is playing an important role in ensuring balance of power in Asia.


Rarely, if ever, does India weigh heavily on the minds of foreign leaders when they meet their counterparts from third countries. But when Chinese President Xi Jinping recently met Communist Party of Vietnam’s General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong in Beijing, seasoned observers could sense that New Delhi was the invisible elephant in the room.

Great Power game

That’s because India has belatedly entered the game that Great Powers play and made Vietnam the fulcrum of its Act East Policy to expand its economic and geo-strategic footprint across East and South East Asia.
And Hanoi, for its part, is using New Delhi as a counterweight to its large and increasingly belligerent northern neighbour with whom it is involved in a war of nerves over South China Sea, among other disputes. Login/Sign up to Read more

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