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Envoy pitches for Indian professionals in UK

The new Indian high commissioner to the UK believes India and the UK can work together towards a win-win visa regime.

“In the field of IT, our professionals are renowned the world over. It is very important that our IT professionals can come and work and go back. They will contribute immensely not only to the local economy but also the global economy, which is what they are doing in Silicon Valley and the rest of the world,” says the Indian high commissioner to the UK, Y.K. Sinha.

Under new rules announced by the UK government last year, professionals from countries like India would be required to meet higher salary threshold requirements which is largely expected to hit Indian IT professionals who use the intra-company transfer (ICT) route to come into the UK on time-bound projects. The UK’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) had revealed in 2016 that Indian IT workers accounted for nearly 90 per cent of visas issued under the ICT route. Therefore, an increasingly toughening visa regime is seen as directly impacting Indian professionals in the sector.

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