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A global vision of security: India Inc Interview

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Dr-Diwan-Rahul-Nanda_piceditedDiwan Rahul Nanda, the chairman of one of India’s largest security firms Topsgrup, has embarked on an ambitious strategy to turn his company into a global giant.

The acquisition of the UK-based Shield Guarding Company Limited set the multinational firm on a path of worldwide expansion.

Nanda tells India Inc about his future plans for Topsgrup’s global footprint.

What is your global vision for Topsgrup?

My long-term goal for Topsgrup is to embark on a global leadership mission with a vision to become the number one brand in the global security space and to be a $10 billion security group by 2020. 

As a company, we would like to continue being innovative and pioneer new avenues within security, for example technology and high-end consultancy. Most importantly we want to change people’s perspective towards security services. It’s not about dreaming big that drives me, it’s knowing how to do things differently.

Topsgrup has been the industry trendsetter in the Indian security scenario. Some of our innovations include the introduction of private equity into the industry; the first Indian security company to go global with a UK acquisition of The Shield Guarding Group; emergency response units to deal with the aftermath of terrorist attacks in Indian cities; and training and security consultancy services.

What are some of the future plans for the company?

My future plan for Topsgrup is to be the best security company in the world. I want to increase the group’s global footprint, which means that I can help ensure that not only am I making India and the United Kingdom a safer place for our parents and children to live and work in but other countries too. Our focus is to further develop in the emerging markets. We have a series of acquisitions in the pipeline and are only awaiting the right opportunity.

What is the key to a successful international takeover?

The key to a successful international takeover is to be able to keep that fire in your belly to continuously change the world for the better. You also need the ability to take risks and have faith in your own vision in order to succeed.

I have always been someone who has brought a spirit of innovation and hope to my company and employees. I embarked on a global leadership mission with the vision to become the number one brand in the world.

I feel Topsgrup’s sheer determination and hard work is what has made Shield Guarding Company Limited possible and so successful. Even so, in 2009 The Shield Guarding Company (UK) won the prestigious ‘Security Guarding Company of the Year’ Award in London.

Are there some unique elements behind Topsgrup's success?

Since its inception, I ensured that Topsgrup follows the global ways of working in terms of operational structure and customer management. Topsgrup as a company is customer centric and follows the mantra of ‘customer first’. We are available 24/7 and assure quality services to our clients. Our employees go through a stringent selection process and receive customised training to ensure their delivery is on par with global standards.

How much of your personal leadership style is reflected in your company's image?

I am a committed, ethical, aggressive and innovative leader, which are all traits that are reflected in Topsgrup and my employees. As a company, I believe we must stay optimistic and see the positives in any negative situation.

I do not take no for an answer and have a belief in breaking through barriers and going right through it rather than going around it. For me, execution of strategies and ideas take more predominance as compared to any other attributes that I may have.

What is the future of security services given the current Euro debt crisis?

Well, safety comes first. Corporates see it as an investment rather than a cost, especially with terrorist threats doing the rounds and the impact this has on society. The effect is much less on the security industry.

How do you see India-UK relations developing over 2012 and beyond?

India is going through dramatic economic growth at the moment, which will have far reaching consequences. I think with the exchange of knowledge, new training programs and collaborative learning, the relations will only strengthen from time to time. I think the collaboration has a considerable role to play in this growth story.

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