About India Inc

Since its launch in January 2011 India Inc has grown into a leading authority on Indian business and the incredible pace of the country's globalisation. It is the only online media organisation dedicated solely to the subject, providing industry news, analysis, high-profile interviews and key data for keen India watchers around the globe.

India Inc's reputation has been built on its incisive news coverage, which is backed by in-depth interviews and features. We have a wide range of expert columnists providing their insights on issues that matter to high-powered executives, business people, industry professionals and influencers.

India Inc is more than just a business news channel. Our online service offers readers access to weekly newsletters, latest events and contacts to an active virtual network and community of experts and thought leaders.

Throughout the business day we publish articles from our expert editorial team, delivering a consistently rich and compelling experience.

Why India? Why India Inc?

India is today seen as the fulcrum of 21st century economic growth. Indian multi-nationals employ tens of thousands of employees globally and global corporate houses are increasingly seeking to expand their base in India.

The country has signed a range of trade agreements with its neighbours, including China, and a much-anticipated Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the European Union is on the cards. As India continues its aggressive push for a greater share of the world's trade and investment, the global scenario will undoubtedly undergo a decisive power shift – making India one of the most important economies in the world.

The need for analysis in such a dynamic economic climate and to understand the people making the difference as India globalises has never been greater. India Inc plugs that gap.

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